Time to celebrate!

Nicole, Worcester

In what will hopefully be an end to the saga of the pit bull ordinance, last night the City Council passed a dog/cat/ferret ordinance that will bring Worcester in compliance with a new state law.  That means no breed-specific legislation, and targeting problem dog owners rather than dogs that have done nothing wrong .

Councilor Eddy, the original proponent of the pit bull ordinance, decided to walk out of the room rather than vote either on his conscience (which would be a No) or to bring the city ordinances in line with state law (which would be a Yes).

While some might look at that as a cowardly act, I prefer to look at it as an homage to his former colleague Joff Smith.

Congratulations to the dog owners who made this happen!

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Personally, I was not excited to see snowflakes falling as I arrived to pick my son up for school. It seems, however, that at least one person in my family, member of my household was excited.


Think I can catch one, Ma?


These fresh new snowflakes all warranted a thorough investigation.


When we went back outside a little later, there was even more snow! In fact, miss Gemma was so excited to do her zoomies in the even more snow that she ripped her tie out right out of the tree it was bolted to. It’s a good thing I never leave her out unsupervised, not even for a moment, or she may have decided to zoomie through the entire neighborhood!

Snow zoomies!

Snow zoomies with my tie out, and the tree it used to be attached to!

This morning we woke for another adventure, and Gemma decided it was really time to get to business with the snow.

It had to be eaten,

and jumped over,

and finally sat on

After all that playing in the snow, we were both happy to come inside and enjoy a warm snow day inside.

Outdoor Training Sessions


The days of fall are getting shorter and shorter, and this means less and less time for outdoor activities and training sessions.
Gemma has always loved getting a chance to be outside and sniff the great big world around her. In training this has proved to be trying, she is what is commonly reffered to as an easily destractable, or possibly “reactive” dog. This doesn’t mean that she is bad or aggressive, simply that she gets very excited, very easily.

I always keep any greets to a minimum and we are working on politely passing other dogs without just having to say hi.

Unluckily, Gemma is not motivated by anything, except a chance to play full on with another dog, something she hasn’t had a chance to do since our foster was with us.

Steak? Who cares about steak, there’s another dog over there!

Over the summer we worked on adding more distractions to her training, and I introduced her to several new games and activities. She learned about the swimmings and we both learned how to stand up paddle board.

We are not looking forward to the cold, dark winter and the shorter training sessions.

How do you compensate your outdoor training and activities in the winter time?