Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Personally, I was not excited to see snowflakes falling as I arrived to pick my son up for school. It seems, however, that at least one person in my family, member of my household was excited.


Think I can catch one, Ma?


These fresh new snowflakes all warranted a thorough investigation.


When we went back outside a little later, there was even more snow! In fact, miss Gemma was so excited to do her zoomies in the even more snow that she ripped her tie out right out of the tree it was bolted to. It’s a good thing I never leave her out unsupervised, not even for a moment, or she may have decided to zoomie through the entire neighborhood!

Snow zoomies!

Snow zoomies with my tie out, and the tree it used to be attached to!

This morning we woke for another adventure, and Gemma decided it was really time to get to business with the snow.

It had to be eaten,

and jumped over,

and finally sat on

After all that playing in the snow, we were both happy to come inside and enjoy a warm snow day inside.


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